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  • Sweeping of chimneys to the National Association of Chimney Sweeps specifications.
  • Testing of chimneys to British Standards and Building Regulations.
  • Running Gas pipes from the Meter to new locations for Gas Fires.
  • Free advisory service for the installation of Freestanding Stoves for either Multi Fuel or Gas.
  • Supply and installation of Wall or Floor air vents for Gas/Solid fuel appliances.
  • Installation of Tempered Glass/Metal Headers, to reduce the opening height of problematic flues which have inappropriate opening heights/sizes.
  • Re-establishing old and disused chimneys.
  • Supplying and fitting of chimney pots.
  • Supplying and fitting cowls and covers for chimneys that are both used and not used. These are designed to keep out bird’s and vermin, and also where chimneys are troublesome and causing downdraughts.
  • Supplying certification for all the work we undertake, from the various competent persons schemes, as some elements of chimneys and fireplaces are restricted services, so this eliminates the need and cost of involving Building Control.
  • Offering our commuting customers early 7am starts, Mon to Fri.